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Pyramid Oud Strings Yellow Label #652/11 CFAdgc' Set (6 Courses)

Pyramid Oud Strings Yellow Label #652/11 CFAdgc' Set (6 Courses)
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Model: STR-PYR-652-11
Manufacturer: Pyramid
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Pyramid Arabic oud strings 650 Orange label

C: bronze wound on nylon
FF: bronze wound on nylon
AA: bronze wound on nylon
dd: bronze wound on nylon
gg: black nylon
c'c': black nylon

Pyramid 652 oud strings.  This set (652/11, yellow label) is Pyramid's basic Arabic tuning set. This set now includes the single bass course that was previously only available separately. A good all-around set for Arabic ouds.  This set has the same gauges and tensions as their 650/11 set, but with two differences: the wound strings are bronze instead of silver, and the trebles are black nylon rather than clear.  This results in a slightly different sound that may suit some ouds or playing styles better.


1st: .028in black nylon
2nd: .031in black nylon
3rd: .024in bronze wound
4th: .029in bronze wound
5th: .032in bronze wound
6th: .043in bronze wound

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