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Planet Waves Case Humidifier

Planet Waves Case Humidifier
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This small humidifier fits into an oud's case.The absorbent media (a kind of sponge) within the unit is specially designed to hold moisture without leaking.
If you live in a dry climate, or a cold climate where wintertime humidity levels due to heated living space rival the Sahara Desert (no kidding!) you should not be without one of these. It will save your oud from damaging cracks and splits.

Highly recommended!

These humidifiers are the replacement for the small case humidifiers we used to stock (which were discontinued). If your oud has a rosette, this humidifier is the best choice, as most other humidifiers fit into the sound hole.

Maintaining your instrument's humidity level is essential to preserve its playability, sound, and integrity. The Planet Waves Small Instrument Humidifier protects your instrument even in the driest conditions against cracks, warping, and shrinkage. The humidifier releases moisture evenly and slowly inside your instrument's case to maintain the proper humidity level. Maintaining the humidifier is as easy as moistening the sponge when it becomes dry. The frequency of maintenance can vary considerably depending on your specific atmospheric conditions.

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