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Custom-assembled sets of D'addario strings tailored for solid-body electric ouds like the Godin MultiOud. 
The set that comes with the Godin is for FF AA dd gg c'c' f'f' tuning, we offer that tuning in two tensions as well as the classic Arabic C FF AA dd gg c'c' tuning and Turkish C# F#F# BB ee aa d'd' tuning. 
The Godin-recommended strings are rather high tension, which is necessary to produce a decent sound on the solid instrument (since the top doesn't vibrate like an acoustic oud).   We are offering another set that is a bit lighter in tension for those that would still prefer lighter tension.  These are marked "Standard" (high) and "Medium" tension.  

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D'Addario Custom Set for MultiOud
D'Addario Custom Set for MultiOud
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