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String Information

String gauge comparison—A table containing information about the gauges of individual strings in various sets for easy comparison.

Individual string gauges—A list of the various gauges individual strings we offer, for assembling custom sets.

String Gauges

2012-01-11 15:33:21

While string gauge is a poor indicator of tension, feel or response (due to the varying composition of strings, and resulting variability in density and other characteristics), it is sometimes helpful to be able to compare string diameters.  To facilitate such comparisons, I am providing for comparison the approximate gauges of a variety of the strings we carry.






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Individual Strings and Custom Sets

2011-03-04 14:36:53

This information is listed with the individual strings, but I wanted it to be available as a a table for easy reference.

D'Addario Strings:

Rectified Nylon (plain)

0.018" / 0.46mm
0.019" / 0.48mm
0.020" / 0.51mm
0.021" / 0.53mm
0.022" / 0.56mm
0.024" / 0.61mm
0.027" / 0.69mm
0.028" / 0.71mm
0.029" / 0.74mm


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